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"If you think bar-standard tinned cocktails aren’t possible, The Bloody Classic will defy your expectations. It’s bloody delicious."

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"Evening Standard Top Pick - Best Canned Cocktail 2020"

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"This is a zinger of a Bloody Mary with a spicy kick, but certainly soft enough to be drinkable. When chilled they're divine."

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 “Finally, the craft pre-mixed Bloody Mary we’ve all been waiting for.”

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"The spice is just right…a kick to pep up any picnic"

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"Really impressed with the product. As a Bloody Mary lover, there are a lot of bad ones out there and managing to get the taste of a well-made one in an RTD is great."


We spent two years fine tuning the Bloody Classic, with the help of a cast of delicious, cocktail bar quality ingredients.

Vodka brings the booze, alongside a wonderfully dry, fruity Amontillado sherry. The perfect foil for the sweet and savoury flavours of our tomatoes.

Pickle juice and fresh lemon add a tangy acidity, Worcestershire sauce and a dash of soy give a rich umami base, and, of course, the legendary TABASCO® Brand Pepper Sauce brings the heat.

We only use natural ingredients with no nasties, colourings or flavour enhancers, and at only 136 calories per can, we’re one of the healthier options in the cocktail world!

100% Real cocktail ingredients
0 Artificial flavours or preservatives
136 Calories

some bloody stockists


The bloody secret


We ploughed through hundreds of variations of each ingredient to make sure they were the best possible versions of themselves. It’s essential for us that they’re all living their best lives.


All our ingredients are Bloody big characters, so it's essential to juggle them so they complement each other. We can’t risk any of them falling out, shouting over each other, or making each other cry.


When you spend years doing nothing but making and drinking Bloody Marys, it's safe to say you become well qualified in the field. We'd done our 10,000 hours long before we launched, and we've crammed that knowledge into every can.

The Bloody Gram

You're Bloody Welcome.